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Here's what some of Rosie's clients had to say!


"Rosie's enthusiasm is so contagious it makes training an awesome journey with amazing adventures along the way"

Geoff Inwood


"Completing Coast to Coast 2015 was a big commitment for me, physically, financially and emotionally.  By far, and without a doubt - my best investment was in Rosie.  Having a coach through this process meant that the only risk was on the course.  Rosie made sure I was ready physically, and was always there for me emotionally.  


The personalised programme was the best decision I made.  I have two children and a crazy work life, and the flexibility she gave me ensured I could meet all the demands of my life, and still remain sane!  When things got out of control - she adjusted my programme and made it work for me.  Rosie was on board with what my aims for the race were - not anyone else's, and she kept me honest with those.  I really appreciated her constant feedback, and the encouraging and optimistic way she coached.  She worked to my level and with language that I understood.  I learned so much from her and her advice was always down to earth and real.  Rosie lives and breathes this stuff and it shows - her passion to share it with others is just awesome!  I loved having a coach who had done the race (many times!), and was really into the science behind endurance work.


Now the race is over (with aims exceeded!) - I still attend Rosie's group sessions because they are actually fun and the friends I have made through them are wonderful.  And I use Rosie occasionally as a one-on-one kayak coach to help me with technique.  Even a single session is invaluable and a quick way to improve skill and speed!  Her knowledge and skill in a kayak is fantastic - but it's the ability to be able to translate that for us weekend warriors that really makes her special!"

Vanessa Wells


"I took on the Coast to Coast Longest Day challenge, but really needed direction with training. Rosie set me on track by setting the training programme and with her knowledge, communication and bubbly personality I achieved my lifelong goal.  I will definitely call Rosie again."

Peter Olds

Rosie has been my coach and friend for 4 years and during that time she has developed my endurance and skill to a level I have never had before, resulting in faster and better cycling endurance event results and great satisfaction.
When providing a training program for an event, Rosie's approach is a careful consideration of not only to help achieve my goal but also remaining healthy and injury free.
Rosie is always happy to talk, offer advice and she motivates by her own impressive personal achievements. She gives me the skills to achieve my goals and that is the gift of a skilled and caring coach".

John Lawson


"I'd always wanted to do the coast to coast but had put it off for years, unable to see how I'd give this race the respect it needed. Fitting the training in, as well as learning to kayak and bike was completely overwhelming. One meeting with Rosie changed this completely. Rosie then created me a very doable program that fitted perfectly around a super busy life.  Rosie’s support and advise was (and still is!) far and beyond.  I stood at the start line knowing I'd done the work and finished at New Brighton pulling off a way better race than I ever believed possible.
Rosie has the wonderful ability of making you believe you are capable of anything your mind wishes! Can't wait to tick off a few more dreams with her".

Karen Elliott.


"I have worked with Rosie in preparation for a few of my key events over the past 4 years and have really appreciated the support. Coming from a work background managing coaches, I had a good idea for what I was looking for and found it with Rosie. She is passionate about what she does, has a genuine interest and will always put in the extra effort to ensure we are both on the right track and working well toward the goals. Fair to say I have always crossed the finish line knowing that I was prepared and ready as best as I could be, an awesome feeling and thanks to a great process and system from Rosie. If you have a key event coming up and are prepared to work hard, I would definitely recommend having a chat to Rosie about preparation".

Ritchie Bath


Making sure you have Rosie on your team sounds like an essential need to drive you towards success. 

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